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Arlberg Bike Marathon

(in German Arlberger Bike Marathon)

19 August 2017

38 km

The closing competition of the Arlberg Adler (Arlberg Eagle). A difficult strength-sapping race awaits the participants.

Deadline for Nominations: 17 August 2017

Substitute Nomination: At the starting number issue on the day of the race until 09.00 hrs

Entry Fee:
EUR 45.00
incl. finishing present and pasta party

Arlberger Bike Marathon

Categories: The route to be navigated has to be already revealed at the registration. No more alterations may be made after the nomination!

Starting Number Issues: in the foyer of ARLBERG-well.com
18 August 2017: 18.00 until 20.00 hrs
19 August 2017: 07.30 until 09.00 hrs

Pasta Party: 18 August 2017, 18.00 to 20.00 hrs in ARLBERG-well.com

Participant Meeting:
19 August 2017: 09.45 hrs at the starting area in the pedestrian precinct

Start: 10.00 hrs in the pedestrian precinct

Route and Altitude Profile: Interactive Map  (please click here)

Route: Starting from the pedestrian precint the athletes move towards St. Jakob on the main road to Hotel Tirolerhof. After a short climb and a descent to Untergand the 1st ascent goes along the Putzenweg towards Putzenalpe. From the Alp, situated at 1726 m above sea level, the route leads westwards towards the beautiful Schöngraben. From Schöngraben the route now descends towards Nasserein and for the first time on the village Dorfstraße through the Zielbogen and further to Lottpark and towards the old Rendlbahn. From there it continues into Moostal and to the junction of the passageway towards Alpe Rendl. To continue, you'll run back towards Talboden, and then to St. Jakob, and a second steep climb towards Putzenalpe. After having passed the second time through Nasserein the last descent now runs towards the finishing line in the pedestrian precinct. 38 km long, 1622 m difference in altitude.

Scoring Deadline: 14.00 hrs

Award Ceremony: 15.00 hrs in the finishing area in the pedestrian precinct

Prizes: Winner of the day/EUR 200.00. Cups available for the first THREE in the group assessment.

Video"Furioser Start beim Arlberger Bike Marathon 2015"